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So what is a Vizsla exactly..?


Vizsla is a Hungarian word that means alert and responsive. The Hungarian Vizsla can make a hunter, breeder, or a families dream dog. They are a very affectionate, loving, and loyal breed with one mission-to serve and please their owners. Their sensitive though they take their owners commands harshly and can make training useless sometimes. They are looking for your praise and attention. Vizslas also known as Hungarian Pointers, are classified as utility gundogs. Those breeds are able to locate, point, and retrieve. They have great eyesight and a great sense of smell which helps them hunt a wide variety of game. They like to keep their owner in sight at all times though! 

Vizsla's are a medium-size with a rust-gold colored short and smooth coat. They are energetic and get very excited at times. They can adapt quickly with life and love children and others dogs must of the times. Even though a hunting dog, Vizsla's make great family indoor pets with proper training which is generally easy if done right with a Vizsla. They are also good with cats if raised with. They can be known as chewers and needs plenty of oppurtinties to run and be active. If you let them become bored they become destructive or are known for "singing" to themselves to help pass time. Their lifespan is often 12-15 years.

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