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All About Shelby

Up close and Personal: Shelby Ann Marie She is our only dog but we have a kitten that she gets along great with. She's our inside family pet even though when we got her we intended on her being a hunting dog. She would rather play with her stuffed animals or just lay around being lazy and looking cute all day. She's not aggressive in any way towards us or other animals. She is often afraid and she will hide behind us when other dogs her size or larger are near. She isn't sure of her size. She was raised with a cat so we think she may think she is that size and can do some things he could do. She is a lap dog and very affectionate.
Ever since I picked her out, I feel in love with this dog. She is basically like a daughter; she is my life. I hate leaving her, especially for the night or longer, and I hate kennels. They just don't met her needs. She spends her time laying in my bed or someone else's on her throne (aka our lazyboy.) She's either sucking on one of her favorite stuffed animals or one of ours that she stole or just taken a nap. She tends to take many naps. She'll go outside when she needs to for short periods of time and the weather is good. She won't go out from underneath our canope if it's raining, snowing, windy, stormy or whatever. That's the life of a princess.  I also pamper her way too much. If she needs a blanket, I'll give it to her. She then pushes it around with her nose and paws until she has built herself a little nest like bed. I allow her to have as much room and blankets in my bed, even if that means me sleeping halfway off the bed or in a very uncomfortable position. I will do it for her. And she doesn't like laying in rocks or mulch or even dirt so when we go places, such as camping, that's the problem. I will give her a sleeping bag to lay on while outside. She enjoys riding around in the front seat of the golf-cart with me, usually laying down with her head on my lap while were camping! Also, I tend to always buy her new things. Just last week I bought her a new Fouth of July leash and a stuffed duck a couple days later. That's how I'll treat my kids, and I will always claim her as mine and she'll be my first baby forever. She's Princess Shelby!


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